Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Objective of the Program.

The objective of this course is to enlighten the attendees about such AI systems, and to help them be able to know where to find the right key resources to construct an AI system themselves or the right people who will develop such systems for them.

The Scope of the Training:

To support individuals or businesses to boost their reputation and awareness without paid advertising, at least at the beginning. Once funds will be generated through the initial recognition, awareness, and online sales achieved by the AI systems, then paid advertising can take place without squeezing the marketing budget.

Who will benefit:

Anyone who would like to promote their business and expand their social media profiles, eg Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

Methods Used to Train:

Notes, discussions, and practical examples of how social inter marketing is used.

How the course will be evaluated:

Course evaluation forms will be given to all delegates so that they can give their feedback on the seminar so improvements can be made.

Certification of Course:

After the successful completion of the course all delegates will be given a CMS Training Centre certificate to show attendance.

What will be covered:

The importance of Artificial Intelligence in today’s Digital Marketing era: • Why is Artificial Intelligence the future of Digital Marketing
• What are the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing
• Who can create such Artificial Intelligence systems
• What can these Artificial Intelligence systems bring to your business in terms of revenue
• What can these Artificial Intelligence systems bring to your business in terms of awareness and brand recognition

Targeting (market segmentation) methods for clients’ high conversion rates: • What is the proper procedure (checkbook) prior to deciding your targeted audience
• The different audience types you should know about
• How can you wisely segment the different audience types
• How do you screen the vulnerability areas of each audience type that you wish to target, prior to start operating the Artificial Intelligence systems

Live demonstration of Artificial Intelligence Systems on Social Media:
• Demonstration of Instagram AI systems
• Demonstration of LinkedIn AI systems
• Demonstration of Facebook AI systems
• Demonstration of TikTok AI systems

Generating leads, and online sales with Artificial Intelligence for your business:
• How can you generate leads with the AI systems if you are a service provider entity
• How can you generate sales with the AI systems if you are an E-shop
• How can you create a nice-looking social media account that can positively “support” the AI system in generating leads and online sales for you
• How can you generate leads and online sales simultaneously with AI systems


Nowadays, 95% of marketing takes place via the internet. We are, therefore, taking advantage of this mathematical fact, and with the presentation of AI systems, we show how Online Marketing, for both business and individuals, can be easier and more productive by automating marketing tasks.

This seminar refers to all audiences such as B2B – Business to Business and B2C – Business to client entities, companies, and individuals promoting or selling products and services.

Due to limited number of seats please contact Elena or Christina to ensure you book your place well in advance on 25 336449

The course tutor: Mr Elias Kazamias

Look forward to seeing you at the Training Centre.