Asbestos in Facilities Management


To provide a comprehensive knowledge including practical guidance into the issue of Health and Safety related to work with Asbestos.

Upon conclusion of the course, delegates should be able to:

Appreciate the major changes in asbestos legislation

Be aware of where asbestos might be found

Know the Health risks associated with exposure to asbestos

Appreciate how to conduct an asbestos risk assessment

Prepare and implement an asbestos management plan

Be aware of the requirement for risk assessments for non – licensable work

Effectively supervise work with asbestos


Clients, Contractors, Managers, Planning Supervisors, Experience Asbestos Removal Supervisors and Operatives and others likely to come into contact with Asbestos.


What is Asbestos, Sources of Asbestos

Control Limits

Probable Asbestos Dust Concentrations

Health Effects

Duty to Manage Asbestos in the Workplace, Asbestos Surveys

Assessing the Risks from Asbestos Containing Materials

Preparing and Implementing a Management Plan

Licensable Work

Selecting Competent Contractors

Control of Asbestos Contractors

Air Sampling / Monitoring

Personal Protective Equipment

Negative Pressure units and vacuum cleaners

Hygiene Facilities

Training and provision of Information to Employees

Emergency Procedures

Application of the Regulations

General Requirements for Risk Assessments


Each delegate will receive a Callsafe certificate of training upon successful completion of the Course with a note added to confirm that the course was approved by the Cyprus Human Resource Development Authority.

COURSE PRESENTER(s): Mr Christopher Reginald Myles, Miirsm or Mr David Carr