AUTHORIZED PERSON FOR MEDICAL GAS PIPELINE SYSTEMS – (This a new addition to the centre which was successfully run in February 09)

This course is ideal for people who wish to take on the responsibility of being an Authorized Person for Medical Gas Pipeline Systems


The role of the AP (MGPS)

Introduction to HTM 02-01, Medical Gas Safety and Medical Gas pipeline systems

Safety in the use of compressed medical gases

Manifold systems for the provision of medical gases

Provision of central medical vacuum

On-site generation of compressed and synthetic medical and surgical air

Cryogenic (VIE) systems for centralised medical oxygen storage

Oxygen concentration systems

Waste anaesthetic gas scavenging systems

Alarm and monitoring systems

Medical gas terminal units and flexible connecting hoses

User equipment

MGPS design principles

MGPS installation practices

Validation and verification procedures/use of test equipment

The Permit to Work System

MGPS compliance assessment

MGPS Maintenance guidelines and contract management

Training and Communication

MGPS Operational Policy preparation


Fulfilment of aims and objectives will be encouraged by lectures, practical demonstrations, group discussions, student presentations and simulations. Delegates will be exposed to onsite working equipment forming part of “live” medical gas systems.

Skills development will be encouraged, for example, by planning of test equipment requirements and sequence of actions necessary to complete satisfactorily practical objectives.

Skills transfer will be encouraged, for example, by critical interpretation and analysis of practical and/or theoretical techniques in group discussions and by identifying familiar techniques in different (local) settings.

On successful completion of the course delegates will be awarded a MGPS Services Ltd certificate.

Course Presenter : Mr Steve Goddard