AUTHORIZED PERSON within Confined Spaces


To provide delegates with the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge to meet the requirements of the Confined Space Regulations 1997 and to understand the Cypriot Legislation, relating to Confined Space and appoint authorised personnel to manage, control and issue permits to work to skilled persons.


Overview of associated statutory legislation.

Introduction to MOD Safety Rules and Procedures for Confined Spaces.

Scope of the MOD Safety Rules and Procedures for Confined Spaces.

Hazardous atmospheres, detection and monitoring.

Risk assessments associated with confined spaces.

Management, application and control of documentation.

Operational appointments, roles and duties of appointed personnel. ·

Personal protection and hygiene measures.

Mechanisms of breathing and the need for breathing apparatus (B/A)

Selection and use of Escape B/A

Selection and use of Self Contained B/A

Emergency Procedures

Practical exercises


It is a requirement that delegates attending this course should be physically and mentally fit (further guidance provided in standard terms and conditions for courses).

Delegates will be continuously assessed by the trainers during the course and complete a test at the end of the course.

A Certificate of Training, valid for a period of four years will be awarded to each successful delegate.

All equipment necessary for training on the course is provided by the delegates in some cases the hire of equipment may be necessary.


Each delegate will receive a UK recognised certificate of training upon successful completion of the Course with a note added to confirm that the course was approved by the Cyprus Human Resource Development Authority.


Lectures, films, LCD projector, demonstrations power point presentation, training Handouts, test and practical exercise (4 Escape B/A sets or Escape B/A Cylinders, Gas Monitor, Man Riding Winch, Safety Rescue Harness, Safety Rescue Line, Intrinsically Safe Portable Hand Cap Lamps/ Torches, Each delegate to have his/her own PPE including Hard Hat/ Safety Boots/ Coveralls/ Chemical Gloves/ Gauntlets).

COURSE PRESENTERS For the Theory & Practical:

Mr Martin Eugene Hippsley