Bespoke Fire Safety Training


The only way to provide pragmatic training to employees for every business / organisation is to accurately identify the possible (fire related) hazards that could project a risk to employees.
Our aim is to provide the most accurate, risk proportionate, pragmatic training to our clients.
Many business and organisations have hazards and risks within their respective workplace which
standard courses available may not capture. As training course designers, we can design the most suitable course for your individual needs and requirements narrowing the risk towards your
employees as far as reasonably practicable.

Why to choose a bespoke course?

• Uncommon hazards and risks within the workplace
• Reassurance that you will provide the most targeted training to your employees
• Value for money as there is no need to pay additional course designers to design a bespoke
training package
• Stand out among your competitors as a company that sets the bar high on health and safety

Our bespoke, high standard training course aims to provide comprehensive, realistic and robust theoretical and practical training ensuring that your staff will appropriately prevent and manage a fire incident in the workplace and or to provide trainees with the essential knowledge, skills and abilities of how they can minimize the risk of a fire outbreak at their workplace, the appropriate actions to take in the event of discovering a fire or upon hearing the fire alarm and how to select and use the appropriate first aid firefighting equipment.


This course might be offered to ALL staff members or to inexperienced staff (induction training), who have never received any kind of formal training or staff requiring. Also, might be offer to staff with managerial position within the company/organisation or any other designated employee.


Be subject to the requirements of the business/organisation and assessed risks.


All delegates – after having successfully completed the course, will be awarded with a certificate of competence.

Aristos Aristidou GIFireE I Tech IOSH (FSTP Cyprus Ltd)
Avgoustinos Chatzigiannis GIFireE I MInstLM (FSTP Cyprus Ltd)

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