CompEx Training and Assessments (Foundation)

This year we made arrangements with our new associates to offer CompEX training in Cyprus.

More details will be published as they become available.

These courses are designed to certify electricians for installations and maintenance of electrical equipment in hazardous areas. We will be offering EX01 – EX04 in the New Year.

Our associates have developed an approved Training scheme which makes use of a fully mobile Training Unit and can go anywhere in the world. The term hazardous area used covers areas within Oil and Gas upstream or processing and petrochemical facilities and other industries, which may contain hydrocarbon gasses or other types of explosive gasses or vapours. It is vitally important that electrical installations within hazardous areas are installed and maintained in accordance with the hazardous area certification of the devices so as to maintain the features that render the devices suitable for use in hazardous areas.
The course covers the installation, maintenance and inspection regimes necessary to ensure electrical devices are not capable of igniting explosive atmospheres found in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and other industries.

The course is certified by CompEX a registered trade mark for EX training which is approved and administered by JTL Ltd within the UK, in conjunction with the Engineering Equipment & Materials Users Association (EEMUA).

The CompEx qualification is widely recognized within the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical sectors and is often made a pre-requisite of employment within these industries, due to the serious risk associated with ignition of explosive gasses or vapours.
The certificate obtained is valid for 5 years and thereafter a two day refresher course must be attended by the candidates to maintain their CompEX Competency Certification. More details can be obtained from our Training Centre.
Proof of competency will be made through practical and theory examinations laid down by JTL Ltd.

Please do not hesitate to contact Christina or Elena on 25336449. to give you more information, an organise a similar course for your staff.

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