Fire Wardens/Marshals Training Course

Our bespoke, high standard Fire Wardens / Marshals Training Course aims to provide comprehensive, realistic and robust theoretical and practical training ensuring that your Fire Wardens / Marshals will appropriately prevent and manage a fire incident in the workplace.

Appointing and training Fire Wardens / Marshals will provide the management, the opportunity, to significantly enhance fire prevention practices in the workplace, improve communications and share the workload in the implementation of robust fire safety management.
Which businesses / organisations require to have trained Fire Wardens / Marshals?
One answer! Every company or organization must have, the appropriate number/s of designated and adequately trained Fire Wardens / Marshals. This makes a company stand out among its competitors as a company that sets the bar high on fire safety matters.

Course Overview
During day to day business, as well as during emergencies, clear, relevant information and instructions must be given to staff and other people to reduce the possibility of a fire outbreak in the workplace and clear instructions of what staff should do if there’s a fire.
Through this course, trainees will receive the necessary knowledge and training, for them to be able to act upon their roles effectively.

On completion of this course, trainees will receive a certificate of competence valid for one year.

NOTE:  This course may be run in Greek and English.

COURSE PRESENTER(S): Mr Aristos Aristidou & Mr Avgoustinos