First Aid at Work (3 days)


Employers in small and medium-sized enterprises, large Organisations, Industry, Hotel and Tourist Entertainment, Retail Outlets and Education Sectiors.


To enable delegates who have been nominated to be appointed as Authorised Persons at First Aid at Work and for Use and Maintenance of the First Aid Kit, which is approved by the HSE and covers primary and secondary care, treatment and management of medical emergencies in the workplace.



SETUP and Barriers

Primary Assessment

Rescue Breathing with Ventilation Mask

One Rescurer CPR

Emergency Oxygent

Choking Management

Control of Bleeding

Shock Management

Continuing Primary Circle of Care

Illness Assessment

Injury Assessment

Initial Assesment

Clearing foreign body – airway obstruction


Rescure Breaths

Chest Compressions

Video Segments and Demonstrations

Practical work

Record Keeping

Health and Safety Regulations

The Reporting of Ijuries, diseases and Dangerous Occurrance

First Aid whilst working at Height

Written Knowledge Review

All delegates after being assessed and haveing successfully completed the course will be awarded a MEDIC FIRST AID at work with Certificate and Wallet card.

More details available upon request