General Safety Awareness in Workshops (Including Abrasive Wheels)


This course is designed to help the individual understand their responsibilities within the workplace and is aimed at persons working with Abrasive Wheels. It is a legal requirement under The Provision and use of Work Equipment 1998 (PUWER) that all staff who use abrasive wheels receives abrasive wheels training in the safe use of the tools and changing of wheels.

No person shall mount any abrasive wheels unless he/she:
• has been trained in accordance with the relevant Regulations
• is competent to carry out that duty
• has been appointed by the employer and entered in the

Company’s Abrasive Wheels Register the legal implications of these important Regulations are significant. The course is designed to cover the statutory requirements which are mandatory for both employer and employee.

To give delegates a thorough understanding of the dangers associated with the use of Abrasive Wheels and Cold cutting equipment as required by the EU Legislation relating to Work Equipment. Also the course will train delegates, so that they not only know what to do but also what not to do at the scene of an emergency. On completion of the course, attendees will be able to mount, dress, balance and identify correctly/incorrectly fitted abrasive wheels.


Personnel responsible for departments in which abrasive wheels are used and generally working with power tools in the workshop. Persons who, in the course of their employment, carry out duties to which the Regulations refer.


1. Course Introduction. The purpose of the course and the main aims and objectives of the course. EU Work Equipment Legislation / Cypriot Legislation. An explanation of the relevant sections of legislation applying to Abrasive Wheels will be given. Generally being safe around the workshop with power tools.
2. Truing, Dressing and Balancing of Abrasive Wheels This is to ensure that the wheels spin accurately It also ensures that any faults that are developed in the wheel during normal use are removed.
Practical Session on Abrasive wheels Course Attendees will undertake various practical tasks to ensure they can apply the underpinning knowledge relating to Abrasive Wheel safety and apply it in a practical everyday activity.
3. Wheel Handling and Storage. Candidates will be taught the safe use, handling and storage of Abrasive Wheels. Hazards and risks associated with Abrasive wheels whilst using and changing wheels. This session will discuss the various Hazards and Risks associated with the safe use of Abrasive Wheels and how to avoid them.
4. EU Personal Protective Equipment Legislation – plus what PPE to use. An outline of the PPE Regulations will be provided together with an explanation of how and why PPE should be worn when using Abrasive Wheels. General Information regarding Cold cutting.


All delegates after being assessed and successful completing the course will be awarded a CMS Training certificate with a note added to confirm that the course was approved by the Cyprus Human Resource Development Authority.



Language: English