Legionella Water Treatment Operatives Course

COURSE AIM & OBJECTIVES:To provide delegates with a knowledge and understanding of Legionellosis, where it is found, how to prevent the risk of an outbreak and to carry out effective systems in accordance with HS(G)70.


All staff who have a responsibility for the maintenance of hot and cold water systems in general buildings, hospitals, clinics, schools and wherever there is risk of water bourne diseases


What is Legionella, who is at risk, where it is found and how is it transmitted?

Legal duties and the Approved Code of Practice for the prevention or control of Legionellosis.

Risk assessment.

Identifying the areas where Legionella could be present.

Taking action to reduce the risk of an outbreak.

Routine monitoring of at risk areas.

What to do in the event of an outbreak.

Cleaning and disinfecting requirements and procedures.

The importance of recording and reporting all actions associated with the control of Legionella.

Taking action in the event of an outbreak.


Certificates will be awarded to all successful candidates.

LANGUAGE : English and Greek

COURSE PRESENTER : Mr Aristos Loukaides