Potable Water Treatment Operations Course


This course is designed to provide the technical knowledge and practical understanding of the principles, practices and processes involved in producing and protecting portable water.

On completion of the course delegates will have:

• A greater understanding of the processes involved in producing portable water
• Development of skills for those involved with or managing water treatment processes
• It will show delegates the basic principles and technical level sufficient for the efficient operation of a water treatment plant.


Authorized Persons, Engineers, M&E Engineers, H&S officers


*UK and EU portable water quality standards aims and objectives of the seminar
*An introduction to water chemistry – Raw Water Abstraction, Raw Water Pre-Treatment,
*The principles of coagulation and flocculation
*Water clarification granular filtration and membrane processes
*The methods and options for the disinfection of water – Ozone & Activated Carbon Treatments.
*Precautions to be taken with respect to cryptosporidium – Water Filtration, Coagulation & Flocculation of Water, Separation of Solid Materials.
*Ozonisation and Activated Carbon technologies – Membrane Technology

*Controlling and optimising the treatment processes – Water Disinfection
*Calculating Chemical usage and dose rates. – Basic water science including basic maths and working
*Advances in treatment technologies and modern treatment practice, Chlorine Treatment
*Maintaining water quality in the distribution system – HOCL Lockup Table,
*Responsibilities for health and safety, and carrying out risk assessments – Safety & Personal Hygiene
*Sampling & Testing, Phosphate Dosing
*Cryptosporidium and other similar micro logical bacteria, Water Quality Standards, Water Safety Plans,
*Waste Water and Water Sludge Treatments
*Action Plan / Case Study – specific to delegates requests.


All delegates after being assessed and successful completing the course will be awarded a certificate with a note added to confirm that the course was approved by the Cyprus Human Resource Development Authority.


Language: English