ACS LPG Gas Changeover from Domestic to Commercial installations (Changeover)


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CMS Training Centre
St Andrew's House, 7 Argyris Eftaliotis Str., Limassol

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Following the need for general increase in gas installation and servicing work in Cyprus, there is a developing need for the training of gas operatives. In order for these trainees to comply with European and UK legislation, they will need to achieve ACS qualifications in all elements of LPG Gas that they will be maintaining and working on, so as to enable them to work safely on gas systems.

It is also a company responsibility to train new-starters into the gas industry on safety, regulations, gases and combustion, domestic and commercial gas appliances. Make them more aware of unsafe situations so they can avoid accidents and ensure that if they are faced with a dangerous situation, they are able to react immediately and avoid a major disaster.
At the end of the training course the successful delegates can go on to receive an ACS accreditation certificate and card which will enable them to work anywhere in Europe.


Companies who need to expand their engineering workforce to meet the demands of the industry.

The gas engineers who will need to be recruited into the industry who will benefit from training and achieve qualifications. Which will lead to skilled employment.
The clients who will receive a higher and safer standard of workmanship.

The general public because gas safety in Cyprus will improve now those European laws will need to be implemented.
Gas Engineers who already have some knowledge of domestic gas appliances and want to now move over to the Commercial and Industrial gas installations.


• Theory on Flues and the types to use
• Different types of Commercial flues
• Regulations covering commercial flues
• Training on commercial pipe work
• Types and regulations on the pipe work
• Pipe work practical in the workshop
• Flue Gas Analysis
• Training on Commercial ventilation

• Regulation covering ventilation
• Theory on different ventilations to use
• Examples of potential unsafe situations
• Flues practical in the workshop
• Ventilation analysis,
• Practical Assessments
• Objectives and aims of Tank Vessels
• Training on VESLP, Vessels and Electrofusion pipe work, various sizes, regulations
• Training ICPNI Pipe work, various sizes, rules, policies, regulations


1. Training will involve classroom and practical workshop activities. This will require gas appliances installed and operational within the training centre. The delegates should bring with them all appropriate hand tools.
2. Lectures, LCD projector, demonstration, power-point presentation, training handouts and practical exercise on the various gas installations.



Successful candidates who wish to go forward to undertake the examinations to be awarded certificates under the Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) for the various elements industrial and commercial elements they will need to go through various theory and practical examinations. Because of the complexity of this scheme this certificate will be valid for five years.
For delegates that do not wish to go to the ACS Scheme, each delegate will receive a certificate of training upon successful completion of the Course with a note added to confirm that the course was approved by the Cyprus Human Resource Development Authority.

Language: Greek / English

NOTE: The Centre is now approved by BPEC for a number of modules it is impossible to cover all modules in one given time by the tutors. Therefore, arrangements may be made to add more modules than the course can provide at a later stage. Anyone who has previously been certified under a GAS ACS scheme may opt to go straight to assessments and by-pass the training. The training of any refresher training is not a pre-requisite.

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