AUTHORIZED PERSON Mechanical Systems


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CMS Training Centre
St Andrew's House, 7 Argyris Eftaliotis Str., Limassol

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This course is designed for suitably qualified personnel who have been nominated for appointment as Authorized Person Mechanical or Skilled Persons Mechanical.The Course aim:

Is to provide information on pressure systems containing relevant fluids, and to ensure that candidates have a thorough understanding of the MOD Safe System of Work and associated Permit to Work procedures.

Course Synopsis:

  • The Relationship between pressure and temperature
  • Boilers and pressure system components
  • Associated Health and Safety Statutory Regulations
  • The Pan Cypriot Safety of Pressure Systems and Pressure Vessels Safety Requirements inc;
  • Essential Requirements (Pressure Equipment) Regulations of 2003 (P.I.          311/2003) KDP 311_2003.
  • The Essential Requirements (Pressure Equipment) Notification of 2004 (P.I. 289/2004) KDP 289_2004
  • The Essential Requirements (Pressure Equipment – Harmonised Standards) Notification of 2010 (P.I. 38/2010) KDP 38_2010
  • The Essential Requirements (Simple Pressure Vessels) Regulations of 2003 (P.I. 312/2003) KDP 312_2003
  • The Essential Requirements (Simple Pressure Vessels) Decision of 2004 (P.I. 290/2004) KDP 290_2004
  • The Essential Requirements (Simple Pressure Vessels – Harmonised Standards) Notification of 2009 (P.I. 283/2009) KDP 283_2009
  • The Uk Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (An Overview)
  • MOD JSP 375 Vol 3 Chap 4 Mechanical Systems (Safety Rules and Procedures)
  • Roles and Duties of Appointed Persons
  • Safety Operation and Maintenance procedures
  • Risk Assessment
  • Documentation Control
  • Audit and monitoring
  • Classroom exercises
  • Computer aided exercises
  • Candidates are assessed throughout the course to Defence Estates standards


Lectures, presentations, demonstrations, précised handouts and videos. LCD projector.

 Course Presenter: Martin Hippsley

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