Certified Pool & SPA Operator Course


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CMS Training Centre
St Andrew's House, 7 Argyris Eftaliotis Str., Limassol

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COURSE DURATION, DAYS, HRS:Courses are run over 2 full days. or 2.5 days


In the course we teach you the regulations and standards, including

Recommended disinfectant, pH and stabiliser levels

Safety signs and equipment

Required operational records

Clarity, bacteriological and chemical quality of water

General requirements of pool cleaning, sanitary and good repair

Skimmers and their proper operation and maintenance

Required turnover rates

Replacement of equipment and what to look out for

Backflow protection and water retention


Depth markers and the correct installations

Pressure gauges and flow meters.

We also teach you the understanding of the terms and concepts of the following

Breakpoint chlorination

Different types of pool disinfectants

Methods of action of disinfectants in clarifying and sanitising pool water

Advantages / disadvantages of the various types of disinfectants

Chlorine demand, combined , total and free available chlorine

Alternative methods of disinfection and water treatment

Balance of pool water , T/A, pH, Calcium hardness, Cyanuric acid, the proper levels required and the hazards that surround unbalanced water

Stabilisers, sequesteriants, algaecides, flocculants and their effects

Effects of corrosive and alkaline water

Test kits and the correct methods of testing the disinfectants residuals and other chemicals in pool water

Detrimental effects of health of improperly sanitised pool water

Pool chemical safety

Pool filter types and capabilities , sizing , cleaning and maintenance

Pool pumps. Various types, design , characteristics and maintenance

Chemical feeders, proper sizing , use and maintenance

Supplemental equipment associated with pool recirculation systems including, separation tanks, multiport valves , hydrostatic valves and sizing of pool heaters

At the end of the course you will know how to:-

Calculate the pool and spa water volumes

Evaluate, lower / raise pH, Alkalinity, Calcium and stabilizer levels.

Calculate levels of disinfectant in parts per million given a pool volume and required amount of disinfectant to be added.

Calculate flow rates, turnover rates and filter sizes for public , private or water park installations

Determine total dynamic head of a pool recirculation system

Determine the flow rate from total dynamic head and pump curve charts

Calculate volume of water loss through leakage and evaporation

Calculate saturation index

Calculate horsepower given, watts, voltage and amperage.


There should be a trained and certified operator at any pool facility. If the routine maintenance is provided by a third party service company (the majority of Cyprus pool operators) then the pool operator should be qualified. The owner or manager of a facility or the person responsible for the pool should have a comprehensive knowledge of statutes, administrative codes, regulations and common practices. The CPO certified pool and spa operators training programme provides this education base.

The course is a 2 day intensive training seminar with an examination at the end lasting around 2 / 3 hours, as well as homework on the first day. The successful candidates must attain a minimum score of 75% to be accredited with the C.P.O operator’s licences.


The NSPF, (National swimming pool foundation) C.P.O training course is the most respected pool and spa maintenance course in the world with over 250,000 people trained to date.

Once you have successfully achieved the pass rate you will be an accredited C.P.O operator for a period of 5 years. You will also ( in that period ) have direct access to your instructors for added information , advice and guidance when required as well as information relayed to you on a regular basis from the NSPF.

Our aim is to help rather than tell you what to do , all pools react differently depending on various factors and nobody will know that individual pool or installation better than you the pool maintenance person , but there are times when you will need that little bit of help , advice ,guidance and we will always be on hand .


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