Competency in Explosive atmospheres (CompEx) Foundation Course


6 - 7 July 2023   
10:00 am - 6:00 pm


CMS Training Centre
St Andrew's House, 7 Argyris Eftaliotis Str., Limassol

Event Type

On-Line Training – 2 Days


To ensure that delegates have an underpinning knowledge unit which gives an overview of the requirements of achieving and maintaining safe installations in hazardous areas while enabling a greater appreciation of the hazards associated with working in explosive atmospheres and the promotion of safe working practices.

This awareness course provides an ideal introduction to CompEx. Following successful completion of this level candidates can develop their competence further to gain a certificate of core competence in additional Ex atmospheres modules.

At the end of the course candidates will be able to:

Recommend the remedial action required to maintain hazardous area equipment to meet the required standards.
Select the protection concept, enclosure / equipment, components and install correctly in hazardous areas.
Understand how to identify problems with equipment installed in hazardous areas with respect to the appropriate British, European and IEC standards.
Understand that equipment could be a source of ignition that could contribute to an explosion.
Understand the concept of area classification and the need to zone flammable atmospheres accordingly.
Be able to understand the terminology and definitions associated with hazardous areas. Understand the various protection concepts namely EXd, EXE, EXn etc.


Electrician, Technical Assistants, Supervisors, Contract Managers and Senior Management who work or are associated with Hazardous Areas.


1. Course Introduction. Atex What is it. Legislation HSW act, EAWR, DSEAR, EPS, Standards Iec, BSEN , Codes of Practice, Compex/IeCex, Permits/safe system of work/Risk Assessments.
2. Zones- three dimensional, The Fire triangle, the pentangle, Gas groups, Categories of risk, Flash point, Temperature classes, Ignition temperature, Oxygen enrichment effects, Lower flammable limits (Lower explosive limits), Upper flammable Limits (Upper explosive limits) LFL/UFL, (Lel /Uel), Ignition sources, Atex Markings overview, Selection of apparatus, Equipment Protection levels (EPL), Ingress Protection (IP). Zoning IAW 60079-10-1/2
3. Natural Ventilation, Forced air ventilation, Explosion Protection for Gas, Gas Protection concepts, Ex d Flame proof, Ex e increased safety.
4. Ex n reduced risk, Ex o oil filled, Ex p pressurised, Ex q powder filled, Ex m encapsulation.
5. Intrinsic Safety, types of Cables, Glands for ex equipment, Repair of Ex equipment.
6. Dust, Categories, Zones, Dust types, Explosion Protection – Dust, Protection by enclosure tD, Protection by pressure pD, Protection by encapsulation mD, Protection by Intrinsic safety iD others, Layers of dust, Clouds of dust.
7. Explosion Protection – non electrical, Protection by flow restriction fr, Protection by constructional safety c, Protection by control of ignition source b, Protection by liquid immersion k, others, Markings in detail, .
8. Testing of equipment, Inspections of equipment, Types of inspection, Grades of inspection, Knowledge and skills Mock exam


All delegates after being assessed and successful completing the course will be awarded a CMS or CompEx certificate with a note added to confirm that the course was approved by the Cyprus Human Resource Development Authority.

COURSE PRESENTER: Andrew Craig Lightowler

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This course is new offered as a 2 day online course in class at our training centre and the tutor in the UK.

Language: English