Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment – Portable Appliances


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CMS Training Centre
St Andrew's House, 7 Argyris Eftaliotis Str., Limassol

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DURATION, DAYS, HRS:One day course, commencing at 8:00am and ending at 4:00pm. Theory Tuition Time: 5hrs and 15min, Practical Tuition Time: 1hrs and 45min, Total Tuition Time: 7hrs.

Course aim & oBjectives:

An introduction to the principles of, and the requirements for the testing of portable tools and appliances to comply with the 1989 Electricity at Work Regulations, and Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) Code of Practice.


Facilities Managers, Assistant Facilities Managers and Accommodation Management personnel who have responsibility for portable and semi-portable electrical tools and appliances.


  • The Dangers of Electricity: The effects of electricity on the human body, how the basic protection systems work
  • Basic explanation of the Electricity at Work Regulations
  • Responsibility for equipment and electrical safety
  • Statutory requirements
  • Standards, class of protection and risk category
  • Identification, registration and labelling
  • Record documents
  • Inspection and testing requirements to IEE Code of Practice
  • Practical inspection and testing of appliances

TRAINING METHODS & Equipment used:

The course is presented on PowerPoint but also has interactive content allowing delegates to undertake practical exercises in the testing of portable equipment using an approved Portable Appliance Tester, on portable appliances such as lap-tops, hand tools etc.

COURSE PRESENTER: Mr Chris Christodoulou

NOTE: This course will be run both in Greek and English