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CMS Training Centre
St Andrew's House, 7 Argyris Eftaliotis Str., Limassol

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The customer service training courses will help to ensure your staff can create a positive experience whenever they deal with customers.  Customer service is vital to a company’s reputation and our trainers understand what it takes to deliver a great service

By helping your staff understand customer needs these customer service training courses will educate them about the benefits of a customer-centred approach.  As well as arming your staff with the knowledge to help them provide excellent customer service, this training will also be delivered in an engaging and interactive format.

This customer service training will develop the outstanding customer service standards modern customers expect.  Not only will our staff learn to deal with upset and complaining customers but they will also learn how to create a positive experience for all customers who they deal with.  By understanding what customers need, your staff will be better placed to help them and keep them happy.

Some items to be covered are:-

  • Customer Service in Business – Etiquette on the telephone
  • Understanding Customer Needs- Knowing what our customers expect from us
  • Being Assertive- looking at the 5 steps to assertiveness
  • Rapport – Identifying how to build and maintain it
  • Active Listening – What are the barriers and how to overcome them
  • Effective Questioning – moving away from open/closed and looking at four key questioning methods
  • Voice and Language – looking at ways to improve our tone of voice over the phone
  • Words and recognition – identifying negative statements we use and hear and reframing them to maintain control of the call
  • Different Types of Customer – a chance to look within ourselves and examine our behaviour with customers and adapt it to improve communications
  • Meeting Customer Needs – using three steps to recommendation
  • Not Another Complaint – examining the reasoning behind complaints
  • My Customer Service Brand – Establishing what level of service is being offered and developing actions to make it happen
  • The Customer Service Journey – Detailing the customers journey and developing how to make it happen
  • Managing Customers Expectations –  Focusing on the five key areas of customer service
  • The Importance of Customer Care – why it is important and the effects of failure
  • Transactional versus Relational- how to change from a transactional service to relational

Training Methods and Equipment Used:

 Some Handouts, case studies, power-point presentation, interactive role playing.

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