IOSH MANAGING THE ENVIRONMENT in association with HSB “Holistic Safety Business”


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CMS Training Centre
St Andrew's House, 7 Argyris Eftaliotis Str., Limassol

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COURSE AIM & OBJECTIVES:To ensure that managers:

understand their responsibilities to the environment and for health and safety as an integral part of their management role;

are able to recognise and be able to adopt a sound environmental and health and safety management system, including effective risk management and environmental impact assessments.

are able to recognise the key risks in the industry and understand the precautions to be taken.

Upon completion of the course, managers should be able to:

demonstrate a clear understanding of the legal framework of environmental health and safety under which they operate;

integrate environmental and health and safety management systems into the overall management strategy of the organisation;

anticipate and recognise impacts the environment and health and safety and have the skills to address those risks.


Environmental engineers, Public Health Engineer, Water Systems Engineers, Health and Safety Officers, Consultants and contractors who during their routine activities may have an impact on the Environment.


Introduction and Setting Course Objectives

Introduction to environmental Management

Whey manage the environment

What is environment, Pollution, Sustainable Development

Specific Hazards

Principles of ISO 14001

Common Law, Statute Law

Environmental Legislation

IPC and LAPC, Waste on Land, Statutory Nuisance

Role of Europe in Environmental Legislation

Water, Legislation

Water Industry considerations

Regulatory Control

Definition of Controlled Water

Environmental Impacts of Water Consumption

Pollution Prevention Techniques

Practical Measures to Reduce Water Consumption


Environmental Protection Legislation

History of Air Pollution Control

Common Law Duties

Environmental Impacts of Air Pollution

Transport and Traffic Management

Waste Management, Legislation

Contaminated Land

What is Waste

Environmental Impacts of Waste Disposal

Practical Measures for Waste Reduction

Energy Management, Legislation

Environmental Impacts of Energy Consumption

Practical Measures to Reduce Energy Consumption

Alternative Energy Sources



All delegates after being assessed and having successfully completed the course will be awarded an HSB/CMS and / or an IOSH Certificate depending on their success with a note added to confirm that the course was approved by the CHRDA.

COURSE PRESENTER: Mr Julian Hill Health, Safety and Environmental Consultant

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